Fish On!

The New NLFC Record

On August 14 on South Lake in Opasquia Provincial Park, Clayton Wright boated this beast of a walleye measuring 30.5" and weighing in at about 11 lbs.

See more pictures on the South Lake page.

How we got started:

This whole thing got started in 1981 when Jack Haldrup, Vern Clauson, and Ellsworth Shields put together a trip that included Bob Haldrup, Andy Haldrup, Neil Haldrup and Randy Shields

Back: John Wilson, Ellsworth Shields, Vern Clauson, Randy Shields Front: Andy Haldrup, Bob Haldrup, Jack Haldrup, Neil Haldrup

The complete story of this trip can be found by going to the Tetu Lake page on this website, Since then, Bob, Andy, and Neil have resurrected the spirit of the original trip, and created a new family tradition by organizing Canadian expeditions every other year beginning in 1997. So far the only participants in these trips have been family members by birth or marriage or some other vague genetic link, and we hope to have inspired some fishermen who will carry this tradition into the future.

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