Fish On!

Gridiron Lake
June 7-11, 1997

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June 6, 1997 - Friday

Randy, Bob, Andy, Adam, & Jack left Indy at 12:30 am and drove straight to Duluth at 1:00pm.  Ate lunch at a pizza joint near the airport and met Neil and John at the Airport at 2:30.  We had trouble getting out of Duluth, but finally departed around 4 pm.  We were driving in Randy's van and now had 7 passengers and about 2.5 tons of stuff.  Bob, Andy, and Neil were riding on the bench seat in the back, and felt the bottom of every bump from there on out, as the poor van's springs were completely compressed.  There was gear stuffed to the ceiling in all available spaces, and luggage had to be removed just to allow people to get out.  What a riot! 

The van was a real trooper, but eventually the transmission got overheated and switched into "limp home" mode - about 10 miles per hour.  Made it to Kakabeka Falls where we checked on the spark plugs, added gas treatment (genius mechanics).   Called Dave at Kashabowie.  He said we should arrive within 1 hour. If not, he would come after us. 

With the 1/2 hour rest and cool off, the van ran great the rest of the way and we finally arrived at 10pm.  Bought chips and soft drinks (jack and adam couldnt believe the Canadians drank Raisin soda out of purple cans just like our Grape.) and hit the sack in the trailers on site.

June 7. 1997 - Saturday

Woke up at 5:45, paid off our balance, got our fishing licenses.  Peter flew us in on the Otter.  1 hour plane ride.  Arrived at Gridiron at 8:00 am.  Saw moose swimming across lake from the air.  Unloaded plane and started fishing before 10 am. 

      Gridiron Lake Cabin

Andy, Bob, and Jack were in a boat together and had caught enough Walleye and Northern for dinner for all, but forgot to bring their stringer into the boat before heading for the cabin and promptly cut all the fish loose.  After a vain search, we fished some more, and caught a few more Northern.  Jack saved us with a 4 pounder that we ate for dinner.  It was pretty late by now - but we went right back out after we ate and fished until dark around 11 pm.  We found some Walleye at the southwest end of the lake, and went to bed after midnight.

June 8, 1997 - Sunday

John and Neil travelled to a Lake off of the Viking Pass.  John caught Northern on his fly rod.  Bob caught a 3 1/4 Lb Northern before dinner .  Ate Walleye for dinner that we had caught the previous night.  After dinner, we all caught Walleye at Viking Pass trolling through deep holes near structure.  Had a great Northern Lights show, built a fire, ate popcorn, and cleaned fish.  Bob caught the largest Walleye of the day.  Bob and Adam traveled upstream out of pond at SE side of Gridiron.

June 9, 1997  - Monday

Everybody traveled through pond off of Viking Pass to lake that connects Gridiron and Sassafras.  Caught several smal Northern.  After lunch, John and Neil hiked to unnamed pond directly across lake from cabin.  Neil christens lake "No Fish Lake".  After dinner, John caught 4 lb Northern on fly rod near Parker Bay.  Walleye holes nearViking Pass and Tampa Bay did not produce.  Randy, Adam, and Neil found walleye hole at NE end of lake, Adam catches a 3 1/2 lb Walleye.

June 10, 1997 - Tuesday

Everybody portaged into Sassafras Lake which meant carrying our motors several hundred yards up a hill on a narrow path.  Found some Northern at the outflow from the connector lake between Gridiron and Sassafras.  Visited abandoned cabin on Sassafras, they have recently clear cut one end of the lake.  Very hot day, Andy and Jack had a swim.  Ate lunch on rocks near inflow stream.  After dinner, we hit several nice Northern and Walleye at NorthEast end of lake.  Randy caught large Northern 5.5 lb and 2.5 lb Walleye to win the day. 

John went into pond at SE corner of lake and saw a black bear attack a baby moose.  Mother moose came and tried to protect calf.  John got within 30 feet of attack.

June 11, 1997  - Wednesday

Packed up and got some last minute fishing in.  Andy caught small Walleye and Bob caught small Northern to win the day.  Peter flew us out at 11:30 and we left Kashabowie at 1 pm.  John and Neil spent the night in Minneapolis.

June 12, 1997 - Thursday

Indy crew arrived home at 7:30 am, John and Neil made it home about noon.